Excursion to Cefalù

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Departure time 9:00 - Return time 18:30

CefaluCefalu is a small town located on the northern coast of Sicily. The name "Cephaloedium" or "Kephaloidion" derived from the characteristic shape of the majestic Rocca of Cefalù. Due to the strategic importance of the place, protected by an important fortress , and the fertility of the land, already in primitive times humans settled in the area of Cefalu'. During the fifth century a.C the remains of the megalithic walls that perimetravano the town at the foot of the Rock. It was for the position that the settlement was said Cephaloedium, meaning "head" for the shape of the cliff itself. Among the most important monuments we find the Cathedral of Cefalu founded in 1130 at the behest of Roger II. It is one of the most 'beautiful cathedrals in the world, in southern Romanesque style . Besides the Cathedral , the heart of the urban medieval Cefalù has been enriched over time in churches and small renaissance and baroque buildings, which often escape the visitor to glance rapidly. Cefalu ' boasts surroundings of great attraction: the hills filled with olive trees overhanging the water; Quarter -Sentinel Sant'Ambrogio fertile lands, rich in orchards and vineyards.